NameSamuel MARTIN , GG Grandfather
Birthabt 1836
Baptism24 Apr 1836, Weston, Nottinghamshire, England
Deathaft 1911
OccupationMiller, Farmer, Butcher, Confection Shopkeeper (Baker)
FatherThomas MARTIN (1796-1873)
MotherElizabeth HEMPSALL (~1798->1873)
1Susannah COUPE , GG Grandmother
Birthabt 1839, Egmanton, Nottingham, England
FatherJohn COUPE (1812-1888)
MotherMary STOAKES (~1816-1864)
ChildrenElizabeth Martin (1860-~1943)
2Sarah , Step GG Grandmother
Birthabt 1839, Lincoln
ChildrenSamuel (~1861-)
 Sarah Elizabeth (~1863-)
 Mary Ann (~1868-)
 John Thomas (~1869-)
 Annie (~1872-)
3Clara , Step GG Grandmother
Birthabt 1866, Sheffield, Yorkshire
ChildrenElsie (~1899-)
Notes for Samuel MARTIN
It is very probable that this Samuel Martin is the father of Elizabeth Martin Coupe. For the following reasons.
1 In her marriage documents Elizabeth Martin Coupe lists her father as Samuel Martin and hos occupationmiller. Samuel’s father was a miller.
2. This Samuel Martin lived in Weston less than 3 miles from Egmanton where Susannah Coupe lived. Scarthing Moor Mill is between Weston and Egmanton. (It still seems to owned by a Martin.)
3. This Samuel Martin is about the right age as his age is close to Susannah’s.
4. In the 1861 census which was taken less than a year after Elizabeth Martin Coupe was born Elizabeth remained in Egmanton, staying at a family next to the ministers house. The rest of her family including her mother moved to Manchester. Her father’s family remained in Weston, however her father moved away.

England Select Births and Baptisms
Baptism Weston, Nottinghamshire, April 24, 1836, Samuel Martin, father Thomas Martin, mother Elizabeth.

In the 1841 census Weston, Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth Martin, age 75, independent, born in Nottinghamshire.
Thomas Martin, age 45, miller, born in Nottinghamshire.
Elizabeth Martin, age 40, born in Nottinghamshire.
Thomas Martin, age 9, born in Nottinghamshire
John Martin, age 6, born in Nottinghamshire.
Samuel Martin, age 5, born Nottinghamshire.
Sarah Martin, age 3, born Nottinghamshire.
Robert Martin, age 1, born Nottinghamshire.

In the 1851 census Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Head Thomas Martin, age 56, farmer of 400 acres employing no labour also miller (master), born Sutton on Trent, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Elizabeth Martin, age 53, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Son John Martin, age 16, employed in mill, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Son Samuel Martin, age 15, employed at home, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Sarah Martin, age 13, scholar, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Son Robert Martin, age 10, scholar, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Elizabeth Martin, age 8, scholar, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Servant Elizabeth Randall, unmarried, age 27, washwoman, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.

In the 1871 census Lime Kiln Field, Bolsover, Lichfield, Derbyshire.
Head Samuel Martin, age 36, miller, born Scarthing Moor, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Sarah Martin, age 33, born Lincoln.
Son Samuel Martin, age 10, scholar, born Southwell, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Sarah Elizabeth Martin, age 8, scholar, born Drayton, Nottinghamshire,
Daughter Mary Ann Martin, age 3, born Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Son John Thomas Martin, age 2, born Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Servant Joseph Kirchin, age 53, widower, miller, born Kegworth, Lincolnshire.
[Note Scarthingmoor Cottage Farm is just outside of weston and towards Egmanton.]

In the 1881 census Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Head Samuel Martin, age 45, miller and cottage farmer, born Scarthingmoor, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Sarah Martin, age 43, born Lincoln.
Son Samuel Martin, age 20, unmarried, miller, born Southwell, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Sarah E. Martin, unmarried, age 18, born Drayton, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Mary Martin, age 13, born Bolsover.
Son Tom Martin, age 12, scholar, born Bolsover.
Daughter Annie, age 9, scholar, born Bolsover.

In the 1891 census Lime Kiln Field, Bolsover Derbyshire.
Head Samuel Martin, age 55, farmer and butcher, born Weston, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Sarah Martin, age 53, born Lincoln.
Daughter Annie Martin, age 19, single, born Bolsover.
1 agricultural servant.

In the 1895 Kelly’s Directory
Bolsover, Derbyshire
Samuel Martin, Butcher

In the 1901 census 317 Radford Road, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire.
Head Samuel Martin, age 63, Confectioner Shopkeeper, own account, at home, born Scarthingmoor, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Clara Martin, age 33, born Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Daughter Elsie Martin, age 2, born Bolsover, Derbyshire.
[It would seem Samuel Martin’s first wife died or they were divorced or he was living with another woman, he then married a much younger woman, had a child in Bolsover then moved]

In the 1911 census 317 Radford Road, Hyson? Green, Nottingham.
Head Samuel Martin, age 75, baker, own account, born Scarthingmoor. [Crossed out is married 50 years, 6 children born alive all still living.]
Housekeeper Clara Freeman, age 43, widow, born Sheffield.
Daughter Elsie Freeman, age 10, school, born Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Boarder Gabrielle Cundy, age 20, single, ??? mender, worker at home, born Basford, Nottinghamshire.
Boarder Leonie Cundy, age 19, single, ??? mender, worker at home, born Basford, Nottinghamshire.
The home had 5 rooms
Notes for Susannah (Spouse 1)
By the process of elimination I have come to the conclusion that Susannah Coupe was the daughter of John and Mary Coupe. While she was unmarried she had a daughter Elizabeth Coupe, and a younger sister Betsy Coupe. Betsy Coupe and Elizabeth Martin Coupe were both born in Egmanton, Nottinghamshire a month or two apart. Betsy Coupe was a witness at Elizabeth Martin Coupe’s wedding. Egmanton, Nottinghamshire today is a village of about 250. How many Elizabeth Martin Coupe’s and Betsy Coupes could have been born in the same year in such a small village?

In the 1841 census Egmanton, Kneesall, Eakring, Nottinghamshire
John Coupe, age 30, wheelwright, born in Nottinghamshire
Mary Coupe, age 25, born in Nottinghamshire
William Coupe, age 4 born in Nottinghamshire
Susan Coupe, age 2, born Nottinghamshire.
John Coupe, age 6 months, born Nottinghamshire
Mary Gale, age 15, female servant, born Nottinghamshire
[There are 405 names listed in the Parish of Egmanton in this census. The only other Coupes is a William Coupe age 5 staying with the Stoakes family]

In the 1851 census Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Head John Coup, age 38, Wheelwright employing no men (Master), born Leverton, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Mary Coup, age 34, born Loply?, Yorkshire. [I wonder why the change of birth location?]
Son William Coup, age 4, born Egmanton
Daughter Susannah Coupe, age 12, scholar, born Egmanton.
Son John Coup, age 10, scholar, born Egmanton.
Son Richard Coup, age 5, born Egmanton.
Son Samuel Coup, age 3, born Egmanton.
Son Frederick Coup, age 1, born Egmanton

In the 1861 census 103 York Street, Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester.
Head John Coupe, age 48, publican, born Severton, Nottinghamshire.
Wife Mary Coupe, age 44, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Susannah Coupe, age 22, unmarried, waitress, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Son Samuel Coupe, age 13, errand boy, born Egmanton.
Son Frederick Coupe, age 11, grocer’s apprentice, born Egmanton.
Daughter Mary Jane Coupe, age 7, scholar, born Egmanton.
Daughter Anne Eliza Coupe, age 3, born Egmanton.
Daughter Betsy Coupe, age 10 months, born Egmanton.
[I believe Susannah’s daughter Elizabeth Martin Coupe was boarding with the Gale family in Egmanton at the time of the 1861 census and she was called Lyza Coupe]

Church records Cathedral and parish Church of Manchester, Lancashire
Marriage March 21, 1869 William Sides, age 37 bachelor, joiner, residence 15 Hampton Place Erskine Street Hulme, father James Sides, farmer and
Susannah Coupe, age 30, spinster, of 15 Hampton Place, Erskine Street, Hulme, father John Coupe, publican
by licence in the presence of Frederick Coupe [brother of Susannah] and Mary Jane Coupe [sister of Susannah].

In the 1871 census 20 Eldon Street, Salford, Lancashire
Head William Sides, age 38, joiner, born Oxford, Oxfordshire
Wife Susanna Sides, age 32, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Ada Sides, age 1, born Salford, Lancashire
Daughter Elizabeth Sides [actually Elizabeth Martin Coupe], age 10, scholar, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.

Parish Records Holy Trinity, Hulme, Lancashire
Marriage January 25, 1877 Thomas Maddox, age 36, bachelor, joiner, of 33 Dale Street, father Thomas Maddox, joiner and
Susannah Sides, age 37, widow, of 72 Junction ?, father John Coupe, farmer
in the presence of Edward Barker and Betsy Coupe [Sister of Susannah]

In the 1881 census 70 Lancaster? Street, Hulme, Lancashire
Head Thomas Maddox, age 38, joiner, born ?? Liverpool
Wife Susannah Maddox, age 42, born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Step Daughter Ada Sides, age 11, scholar, Salford, Lancashire.
Son Thomas Maddox, age 1, born ????, Lancashire
2 boarders a school mistress and an assistant school mistress

In the 1891 census 86 Howard Street, Salford, Lancashire
Head Thomas Maddox, age 49, joiner, employed, born Everton, Liverpool
Wife Susannah Maddox, age 52,born Egmanton, Nottinghamshire.
Son Thomas Maddox, age 11, scholar, born Hulme, Lancashire.
Step Daughter Ada Sides, single, age 21, school teacher, born Salford, Lancashire.

In the April to June 1892 death index Susannah Maddox, age 53, Salford, Lancashire, volume 8d, page 94.
Notes for Sarah (Spouse 2)
Possibly she was Sarah Bee. In the 1841 census living with her parents in Waddington Lincolnshire. And in the 1851 census living in Norwell, Southwell, Nottinghamshire with her uncle. In the 1861 census living with her sister family in Southwell. And married in April to June 1861, Southwell registration district.

In the 1901 census High Street, Bolsover, Derbyshire.
Head Arthur E. Coakill, age 38, farmer, born Wettondale, Yorkshire.
Wife Mary A. Coakill, age 31, born Bolster, Derbyshire.
Daughter Rebecca M. Coakill, age 11, born Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
Daughter Elsie G. Coakill, age 7, born Bolsover.
Daughter Mary W. Coakill, age 4, born Bolster.
Son William J. Coakill, age 1, born Bolsover.
Mother in law Sarah Martin, married, age 63, born Lincoln, Lincolnshire.
3 boarders, a butcher, a coal miner and colliery forman surface.
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