NameCharles Martel Duke Of Franks , 38G Grandfather
Birthabt 688, Hertsal
Death22 Oct 741, Quierzy, Picardy
BurialBasilica of St. Denis
MotherAlpaida (~654-~714)
1Rotrude Of Hesbaye , 38G Grandmother
FatherLambert Count Of Hesbay (669-742)
MotherChrotlind (-724)
ChildrenCarloman (~711-754)
 Pepin The Short (~714-768)
Notes for Charles Martel Duke Of Franks
Duke and Prince of the Franks.
Mayor of the Palace of Francia from 718.

One of the two main leaders of the Merovingian Franks at the Battle of Tours on October 10 732. Charles earned the nickname Marcellus or Hammer as a result of this decisive victory. It was a turning point against the Umayyad Caliphate advances into Gaul.

Notes for Rotrude Of Hesbaye (Spouse 1)
Seems to have been called Rotrude of Hesbaye, Rotrude of Treves and Rotrude of Trier and Chrotrude of Treves.
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